Deer Hunter Cheats


Deer Hunter 4

Deer Hunter 4
To insert a cheat for Deer Hunter 4 press F2 on your computer and enter in the Deer Hunter 4 cheat.

Platform: PC

While playing, press F2, enter a cheat, then press F2 again.

Bullet view dh4leadeye
Clear weather dh4dry
Display debug info dh4breakdown
Enable all codes dh4super
Flight mode dh4skyhook
Gun sighted in dh4sightin
Never tire dh4homegym
Attract animals dh4beacon
Large deer dh4monster
Loose leaves dh4leaves
Lightning dh4zeus
More gore dh4f13
No animals dh4plague
No clipping mode dh4truck
No noise dh4damper
Rain dh4water
Set time as noon dh4noon
Snow dh4ice
Slope no effect dh4climber
Thunder dh4thor
Demon deer (hunter vs. deer mode) dh4playthedemon
Travel to nearest animal dh4find
Travel to next deer dh4findnext
View bullet paths dh4tracers
View deer on map dh4showme
View info on active models dh4vmwatch
View info on nearest deer dh4deerwatch
Animals not afraid dh4nofear



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